Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Is Shortening the Length of College the Answer? Essay -- Education Col

With most of the world economy trying to recover from the reeling affect of the global recession over the past two years, a new education concept seems to be emerging. In recent times, authors like Jennifer Epstein and Lamar Alexander have posted articles on websites, such as USAToday.com and Newsweek.com explaining how giving newer opportunities to students to finish their four year bachelor’s degree within three years will prove extremely beneficial. While both the authors sport similar sentiments, we will take into consideration those as projected by Jennifer Epstein. The article is a comprehensive piece explaining how most students will benefit from the introduction of three-year courses within universities, especially in terms of monetary benefits. While most of the arguments presented by the author in favor of three-year degrees stand valid, it may be taken into account that some of the crucial aspects with regards to the education system remain untouched and unexplored. If these few unexplored facets were to be considered, I am sure the conclusion of the author’s article might have differed alternately. In the counter-arguments I present further on in the paper, I will explore how introduction of three- year degree courses would rather mar the entire purpose of higher education and how the students will relatively suffer intermittently if subjected to the said change. However, to be fair to our opponent, we will first consider and reflect upon the points mentioned by her. Jennifer Epstein is of the view that with the downturn in economy, it has become extremely difficult for the college students to manage to pay for the college fees. Further, with incessantly rising costs, the entire task of meeting the expense of a coll... ...ly well students remain as a minority. If one does not take into account the arguments mentioned above, the future workforce of America looks incompetent. Without the proper education and training that can only be provided to them through a thorough education process involving the entire four years’ rigorous training, the students of today and the workforce of tomorrow will face grave imperils. This will in turn affect the entire nation’s future as well. Therefore, I suggest that before taking any major resolution, the policy makers and educators should take all these factors in account. Works Cited Jennifer Epstein. "More colleges offering 3-year degrees." USAToday 11 Mar. 2010: Lamar Alexander. "The Three-Year Solution." NewsWeek 17 Oct. 2009: Valerie Strauss. "Colleges Consider 3-Year Degrees To Save Undergrads Time, Money." Washingtonpost, 2009.

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