Sunday, November 3, 2019

Hatton Gallery Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Hatton Gallery - Essay Example People from all walks of life, although learned and ingrained upon themselves the importance of "home" as well as its essence becoming a basic part of the human lifestyle rarely take a breather and view the "home" as an art. "Front Door, Back Gate" tries to encompass domesticity as theme on-going in Jeannie Finaley's exhibit at the Hatton Gallery. This exhibit is a yearly endeavour undertaken by the students from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. The exhibit also reflects the limited space of domestic life as well as the varying themes underlying actions, choices, moods, and between-the-line emotions. The group have chosen "interior" and exterior" as the sub-theme showing Hatton;s historical collection along with contemporary works giving a wider variety and balance on domesticity as an art. The group also used complementary home and garden furniture to exude comfort and create an atmosphere that welcomes. The vivid "Red Table" by Patrick Heron reflects love and solitude as well as denoting lifestyle and exuberance. Heron have an affinity for the vivid, exotic and captivating red, and this abstract still life painting shows an interior space with a table, a selection of everyday objects. The table seems to be set for one, which addresses sustenance, yet also gives a sense of solitude. Perhaps the time and comfort of home allowed the artist to look at these ordinary objects differently. The composition is inspired by forms and patterns extracted from the domestic surrounding, which allows more artistic freedom and activates the space around the objects. Simplicity adds a flare of innocence to the painting and invites the mind to think of the story of the place. It is provocative in a sense that red is played in various hues, contrasting with the bright yellow and yet implying connectivity. It is mysterious in a way that shapes are obscured but with details that strike out like questions. Leon Maurine's "Net" photograph shows direction and sense of belonging. Likewise, the "Net" curtain photograph also reflects aspiration, privacy, territory and voyeurism. This photograph shows a glimpse through a net curtain looking out onto a blurred view. The image creates a visual link between interior and exterior. The sheer layer of the net curtain infuses the two spaces. The image conveys a "pulse" of life on both sides. It makes us think about the time spent behind and beyond the net curtain. We commonly think of interior spaces as private and reflective. Often exterior spaces are more public and engaging. The relationship between domestic public and private spaces has never been static- its boundaries are changing with time and new ways of life. The details of the net, or crocheted curtain also invokes domesticity as a pained detail of art form. It is not something to be lightly taken, but with meditation and composure. One slip of the hook, or an extra count makes an imbalanced design and finish which juts out like a sore finger. Same thing is pictured with domestic life. Everything must be in harmony and although with various patterns, a part of a whole. Front Door, Back Gate Reasons for

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