Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Dark side of Technology video Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dark side of Technology word picture - Movie freshen up ExampleHe also looks at nuclear bomb schooling and how this technology has true over the past years as well as the problems arising from it. He finally highlights the effects of global warming, which be mainly caused by development of technology and the impact it can have on the future of the gentleman race. I agree with his position mainly because of the possibilities that he cites according to various categories of technological tribulations.According to the video clip, the speaker talks about the possibility of deadly viruses cosmos converted into weapons and this is becoming an ever-increasing threat with development of technology. The fact that the genomes of these viruses are easily available on the internet is a threat in itself because it takes a simple download button and one has the core component of creating this virus. The sequences of deadly virus genomes such as anthrax are readily available on the internet and this itself makes the internet an open source of numberless threat. Technology also has seen the improvement of re search methods and the possibility of the creation of a super virus that has the dominance of wiping out the human race. It should be noted that this problem cannot be overlooked. Nuclear energy has also seen a major improvement in technology in recent times especially in the demesne of nuclear weapons production. The latest technology, whereby, laser beams are used to enrich uranium has the potential to be developed in the coming years such that it will be inexpensive thus making it affable to many countries. One can only wonder what would happen if a majority of countries had nuclear weapons and a world war happens to break out. That thought is enough to provoke the thought of the possibility of human extinction.The another(prenominal) negative effect of technology development in the form of global warming has seen the rise of sea levels and in the near futu re, there will be a possibility of dry land being immersed in water

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