Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Why Do We Read Shakespeare :: essays research papers

Shakespeare A Common Knowledge in SocietyAlmost anywhere that you go in America or even the world, the pot have heard of William Shakespeare. His name is probably one of the most common ones in our society today, and has been since his time. But has anyone ever raised the question why? wherefore do we, as a society, read William Shakespeares plays? The answer is a simple oneand that is to have a common knowledge in our societies. So more diverse groups of people can be brought together with Shakespeares plays, for discussions, arguments, and more. The timeless ideas that are put into his plays are something that everyone can relateto, which in the big picture could trifle all societies together.If a person is walking down the street talking with his or her friend about love, and they mention the play Romeo and Juliet and someone walking close hears them, they will understand what they are talking about. This is called common knowledge. Because Shakespeare put so many ideas that are part of everyday life, even in this day inage, people can always relate to them. Love, hate, foolishness, jealousy, and anger are just some of the countless ideas that were put into his plays. Despite what the situation in Kosovo is or which aggroup is winning in the Stanley Cup finals, there will always be theseideas in the world. Anyone can relate to the ideas in Shakespeares plays, that is what makes them so great. No matter how pass on the world becomes or no matter what kind of wars we fight, these feelings will always be there. Love is in everyday life, if not intimate than parental. Hate, such as the war going on right now, is in everyday life. People have always be entertained by these ideas and feelings, but at the equal time they become closer to each other and more open minded and educated.Common knowledge is a great thing to have. Even though we speak different languages in the world, we can all still relate to the feelings that are brought out in Shakespeares pl ays. Knowledge is something that almost everyone craves, and the more that everyone knows about a subject, the more questions are raised about it and morethinking comes from that and then in the long run more knowledge comes. It is a continuous stave that never stops.No matter how different we think that we are, as a human race, the feelings that are brought out in Shakespeares plays bring us together in spirit.

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