Monday, February 3, 2020

Abu Dhabi economy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Abu Dhabi economy - Assignment Example All Islamic adherents imbue involving social and religious attachment on the work culture while guiding employees accordingly. The guidance starts at the beginning of employment when a prospective employee is given a contract that shows a modern Islamic culture in the workplace. In the holy month of Ramadan, companies advise their staff to follow internal cultural transformation. The opportunity offers a comfortable environment which encourages all employees not to miss the chance to fast without official Islamic grounds to perform appropriate obligatory prayers, and offer charity to their best. Halal food products The Muslim staff is not allowed to eat, smoke and drink in the month of Ramadan, however, non-Muslims are allowed to use hidden office spaces to take lunch, and tea breaks dressing conventionally is encouraged to adhere to religious observances of other people, and music is banned across all the premises. The month of Ramadan is celebrated by special foods in baskets to ea ch employee at an elaborate Iftar party festival. In addition, office working hours have been shortened to six hours from 8:00 AM to around 2:00 PM. Ramadan is not only a significant month in the marketing activities of the company but also the busiest one (Davidson, 2009, p.256). The company’s warehouse is often active all round the clock as regional distribution processes and production degrees rise significantly. In each month of Ramadan, the Al Islam’s sales have increased from twenty to approximately forty percent in comparison to other months. Laudable remains the fact that demand increase is not entitled to only individuals, but for family consumption with massive number of donations meals arranged for the under-privileged. Each year, Ramadan brings an aggressive feeling of competition among other food companies. On its part, Al Islamic has introduced a range of marketing as well as theme founded promotions to encourage its sales by increasing up its distributio n activities. The company focused on unique and Ramadan specific commodities offerings with exceptional discounts given to consumers, and iftar and suhur made available. As a leader in the halal segment, the firm has undertaken the social role of educating the general public on the halal meat process together with innate difference between halal and the genuine halal. The company launched a Ramadan’ promotional strategy on creating awareness on animal’s electric stunning, which is associated with the slaughtering process. On the other hand, stunning is a practice associated with the food industry as â€Å"real halal† slaughtering takes place without stunning (Davidson, 2009, p.456). Al Islami has undertaken an initiative to educate consumers on different slaughtering practices, as well as informing them that the firm does not make use of stunning, and deploys a hygienic method of slaughter using hands. Al Islami makes use of representatives at various slaughterh ouses and abattoirs in the world. Al Islami Foods believe that they have to be an example with successful management that blends religious obligations in the working culture. They provide a healthy corporate, as well as social environment, reflects the holiness of the Holy month. Advantages of Abu Dhabi business environment Abu Dhabi has become a competitive business location in attracting foreign investments by ensuring updating of business legislation to establish an optimum environment for investments to flourish. Present legislation in terms of tax, property rights, corporate governance, ownership and corporate governa

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