Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Individual Research Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Individual Research Paper - Essay Example orm and deliver on their different roles can be improved through the adoption of a number of approaches (Ubeda-Garcia, Marco-Lajara, Sabater-Sempere & Garcia-Lillo, 2013). In this paper, employee performance will be discussed in relation to factors such as job design, employee training and development. Organizations today are in high demand of an effective employee with a great combination of skills and professional qualification. Such an employee can work under the challenging environment of the business and help it achieve its goals and objectives. However, recruiting the best employees and retaining them is not an assurance for a performance as other intrinsic factors significantly influences the ability of employees to perform based on the organization’s objectives and goals. A number of business and management related factors thus influences the ability of the employees in an organization to perform and achieve their job descriptions (Pereira & Gomes, 2012). Managerial standards and practices have a significant role in the process of improving employee performance. The development of proper standards of managing the employees can motivate or demotivate them, and this affects their ability to work towards achieving the goals set for them. As a manager, the expectations placed on an employee must be a line with their job description and professional qualification. This will eliminate undue pressure on the employees that affects the determination and willingness to focus on their roles. High expectations from employees do not guarantee the performance especially if it leads to assigning roles that do not reflect their abilities or job descriptions (Ubeda-Garcia, Marco-Lajara, Sabater-Sempere & Garcia-Lillo, 2013). A motivated employee understands the expectations placed on him and works towards the realization of the dreams and goals of the business. The performance of an employee is highly influenced by their levels of motivation, making it essential for

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