Saturday, August 3, 2019

a letter to my grandfather :: essays research papers

It is hard to face the truth but still read the whole letter to know the REAL sujatha and do not tear the letter in the middle of it just because you think you know the whole truth. You called my mom a person who gives importance to money, you who gave your own children telugu medium education because it is cheaper that way, i am feeling strange that i used to give respect to such a dim-witted person, such a person who is hell bent on levelling false allegations shamelessly on his own daughter. You would not have been alive today had my mom not come to your rescue every time your spoiled brats created a scene, she just thought she was helping her ageing parents, little did she know that her MONEY MINDED PARENTS would think of the favours as a method to please them to take money from them. Only low class people can think so cheaply. There are such people who expect money from their parents and even then their parents try to cover their daughter's misdeeds and here we have a great gentleman who thinks that her daughter is after his money and and is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that it does not happen by accusing her of things she never did, hello who wants your money? We have enough money to look after ourselves and are not expecting a single pie from you, get that right into your head. My mom always pitied thinking of the future of her brothers' children and never let a chance go by in helping them financially, all without your knowledge. She would be the first one to be happy if they come to a financially stable position, how did you even think that she wanted your money? By the time you read this you will have known that she cares a damn for your money as she returns all that you have given her. So you have been tolerating my mom for the past 12 years, is it? on the other hand she has been tolerating the insult meted to her by your daughters-in-law and yet never stopped coming to your house just to see her parents, the same parents who have been noting down the number of jars broken by her by mistake, how cheap? i wonder if people can ever stoop to lower levels. You have been keeping the accounts of all these insignificant things and how well you acted to be happy

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