Saturday, August 10, 2019

Hard factors of TQM implementation in the Project division at GASCO Essay

Hard factors of TQM implementation in the Project division at GASCO - Essay Example Proper implementation of the procedure IP-PR-021 would offer solutions to this problem. The CTN format does not have provisions for the history of the CTN. As a result, the CTN goes through the approval process of the GASCO shareholders without their knowledge of the history of the CTN in the firm. They need adequate knowledge on the importance of CTN, in order to determine whether it is worth the budgetary allocations. Modifying the formats of the CTN to would include its history would provide adequate knowledge. Since there is no analysis of the main cause of CTN, there is a wrong evaluation of the KPI. The main factor put into consideration when evaluating KPI is CTN. Therefore, understanding the causes of CTN in the organization would help in preventing their occurrence in future. This is however possible if there was a proper procedure of solving the CTN put in place. GASCO, while calculating the average KPI does so division wise. This omits the evaluation of the actual performa nce in each department. There is however a high likelihood of some of the departments doing very well, while others have poor performances. There is however no reflection of this in the KPI. Applying KPI at the department level would solve this problem. Finally, there is poor and low communication of the KPI to the engineer’s level. This makes information flow in this level inadequate. As a solution, proper communication of the KPI to all parties would solve all communication problems available. Research questions With reference to the hard factors of TQM, this research will try to establish how effectively GASCO utilizes these factors to achieve organizational performance. How efficiently does GASCO use TQM in achieving its organizational goals? To what extent does GASCO staff exhibit high quality standards in serving their customers? How effectively does GASCO as an organization use TQM in managing its projects? What is the overall impact of TQM in satisfactorily serving cu stomers at GASCO? To what extent does GASCO use TQM in its Business Support Activities? Objectives of the report TQM, being an important element in achieving organizational performance, contributes to the achievement of organizational goals and objectives (Salaheldin 2009, p. 216). The main objective of this report is establishing the extent to which TQM contributes to organizational performance, with reference to GASCO. Further, since there are two types of TQM, the soft factors and the hard factors, this report hopes to establish the impact of proper use and application of the hard factors in an organizational setting. Finally, it will establish whether there is any relationship between proper maintenance of QMS, relative to GASCO QMS. Aims of the report The main aim of this report is to establish whether GASCO has QMS and the impact that hard TQM factors have on the overall performance of the organization. Data analysis The time taken by employees in assessing resources significa ntly determines their output (Grover, et al. 2006, p. 450-458). Subsequently, this determines the overall organizational performance. The longer an employee takes while assessing resources; the lower is their level of productivity. According to data obtained, 11 respondents agreed that the period it takes for an employee to access resources was good. This positively contributes to overall organizat

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