Friday, August 9, 2019

Identification & Exploration of designated dimensions and impacts of Essay

Identification & Exploration of designated dimensions and impacts of the Millennium Centre, Cardiff, UK - Essay Example le region cannot be denied as the number of visitors has significantly increased due to the events (athletic, cultural, educational, artistic) that are organized in the Centre on a daily basis. Current paper examines the effects of the Centre’s creation on the socio-cultural, political and economic environment. The effects on the natural environment are also being examined in order to formulate a more complete assumption regarding the role of the Centre in the whole Wales region and the specific gains for the local society. Cardiff is one of Europes youngest capital cities but the history of the city dates back over 2000 years to Roman times. Today Cardiff is a vibrant, multi-cultural centre for education, business, sport and the arts. There has been extensive redevelopment in Cardiff over the past two decades but the city has managed to retain much of its style and architecture. The city is lively, confident and cosmopolitan with a good quality of life and a distinctive character. Located in the east of Wales, Cardiff is a very accessible city and has good road, rail and air links. The town is only 2 hours travel from London using the hourly high-speed train service [1]. The location of the town is being offered for the deduction of commerce and other financial activities as well as for the enhancement of the cultural level of the whole region as it can be considered as the most accessible town of the region. As a result any interested individual can access a specific cultural event easily, a fact tha t has led to the increase of the athletic, educational and all cultural activities in town mostly the last years. More specifically, the population of the town is around 300,000, which grows by 100,000 on "Big Event" occasions. For this reason the local accommodation offered to visitors has been located around the important cultural centres of the town which are the following: the Millenium Stadium (Rugby, Football, Speedway & Concerts), Sophia Gardens (Cricket),

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