Sunday, September 8, 2019

Counselor Interveiw Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Counselor Interveiw - Essay Example The profession of talk show host in some way was related to his next profession because he thought about working on a crisis hotline. He thought that might be an interesting career. This is where he first recognized his passion for counseling and decided to make a career out of it. Jim mentioned that he had worked at many agencies and learned to totally appreciation Family and Community Services (F&C). He mentioned that if this was an individuals first job, they may not appreciate how good a job this one is; he did because he had so many jobs he did not like. In some of the agencies he worked at he was under a lot of stress because he was always trying to make quotas as part of the job. He likes F&C because it has such a relaxed atmosphere that he loves coming to work. At this agency they do not have to worry about quotas because they are a non-profit agency and rely more on grants than the number of patients that come through the door. He feels he is able to really focus on the clients now which is what he has always wanted to do. Jim gave me a small description of the various parts of his job. He does eerythign from paper work to working in the court system. He seemed proud of the fact that he is on a first name basis with the judges in Kent, OH. The F&C is responsible for a variety of programs. In addition to his other duties, Jim runs a 26 week Domestic Violence program for individuals who have committed domestic violence and have been sent through the court system. He also conducts a weekend Alcoholics Anonymous class for DUI offenders. His counseling duties take him into individual sessions with men and women who experience PTSD due to sexual assault. Jims agency also runs a homeless center for veterans and three community centers. In addition to Jim, the agency has three other counselors. There are group, couple, family and individual counseling for children, adolescents

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