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Local Government In Tourism Essay -- essays research papers fc

Local Government has no Role to Play in Tourist Development The local Government is one of the keys to tourism development, a complete contradiction to that of the essay statement, which I believe really has no ground to stand on. In this essay I will illustrate this point by showing the roles with which local government plays within the community, and the importance it has to creating a successfully developed tourism product that maximises the benefits for not only the residences of the community but the tourist himself. Over the past forty years, trends in the tourism industry illustrate there has been evident growth on both a regional and global perspective. Because of this increase and growth of the industry it has ultimately brought large benefits to communities, providing great opportunity, economic development, employment and social benefits. Due to this benefit it is imperative that communities capitalise on these opportunities. One of the major authorities which provides the key roles to this success is that of local governments, who provide the ideal, authority, infrastructure and planning procedures to maximise the benefit for its communities, in a sustainable manner.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The reasons for Local government playing such an important role is due to its channels of communications with its nations powers, who control the actions and decisions of the country. The government creates local governments and provides the framework and influence of decisions that local government makes for its community. This is initially created by government that sets the framework of legislation for local government to abide by. The government then creates local government to enforce the legislature and provide a nurturing role for the community. Government can not address the problems of the entire country, so it uses local government, to distribute its ideas, and hold influence over its regions and communities. This also illustrates that local government plays a major role in a communities development providing the links between the people and government and implements and addresses its community’s problems, frameworks and ideals, and receives the c orrect guidance for developing its regions product. Local government is ultimately created to nurture, channel and control ideas of the country into its community so as to create benefits and realisa... ...d healthy returns for the communities residence. Local government has no role to play in tourism development is a bold statement in the least. The reason for this is local governments steer its communities in the right direction, through allocation of scarce resources into the correct development procedures. Now than ever before the influence of correct allocation has been apparent, as they are becoming far more limited, and if not used correctly, it is inevitable that in the long term market failures will occur. Local government is the key to tourism development in all communities, with its guiding hand it will ultimately produce the best benefit for all on a sustainable level, which will increase tourist arrival, increase community benefit and create a far more wealthy community and country. Bibliography Collier, Alan Principles of Tourism Fourth Edition Longman 1997 New Zealand Tourism Board Tourism in New Zealand Strategy and Progress New Zealand Tourism Board New Zealand Tourism Board Current Issues in New Zealand Tourism 1997 New Zealand Tourism Board Plimmer, Neil Tourism and Local government 1993 Young, Ernst How and why should local government promote tourism 1995

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