Thursday, September 26, 2019

Self Esteem Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Self Esteem - Essay Example erefore, it plays an important role in motivation, work-related attitudes and behaviors of employees that due to such experience can consider themselves experts in certain area. There is also an organization-based self-esteem, which is related to the extent of employees to be satisfied with one’s job, commitment to the organization and in-role performance. While at workplace self-esteem is associated with the self-efficacy of a specific task, its main principle is that individuals are more likely to do and succeed in those activities for which they have higher self-efficacy than others  (Lunenberg, 2011). People are more successful in accomplishment of those tasks which align with their initial beliefs, thus, self-esteem aims to work as the self-fulfillment. Besides, in such a fast-paced and technologically oriented society, there is a considerable positive impact of self-esteem that enables careerists to compete (Andersen & Vandehey, 2011). As the employee makes a statement that one is the best Java programmer at certain company, that means that an individual possesses specialized expertise that is unknown to that extent to other employees and to the boss. In that case, the self-esteem of all the members of the work culture would perceive the best Java programmer as another unit that has special set of abilities and experiences. Hi gh levels of self-esteem that is needed to all employees create more beneficial economical predispositions for the company, while the defensive reactions of employees of low self-esteem can damage as own careers as negatively impact company’s performance. Underestimating own abilities create professional and personal envy toward others; employees with low self-esteem criticize others as they feel certain threat that come from the new ideas and more contributions of the confident co-worker. On the contrary, those with high self-esteem employees are able to promote honest feedback for workers regarding areas that need improvement and

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