Wednesday, September 25, 2019

MBTI Preferences Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

MBTI Preferences - Essay Example While it was believed that the results would reflect the friendly and interactive nature, they pointed at a preference towards looking within and share significant events with a few close people rather than many acquaintances. The score on this variable is not very strong, and it could be situational factors that affected this factor. There are examples from the workplace as well as from personal experiences that underline the friendly nature and comfort in interacting with even unknown persons. The comfort in being in a position at work that involves interacting with people and keeping negotiations in good humour is itself an indicator of extraverted nature. Thus, it is difficult to accept the test’s result that claim Introversion over personal understanding and experiences that verify Extraversion. The second variable of Sensing – Intuition defines the primary means of conducting an analysis on information available. Both the test results and the hypothesized score fa ll in the same direction – i.e. – Sensing. Individuals high on Sensing will typically rely more on information that is gathered through senses than on inductive reasoning. They also process information deductively. There is a distinct inclination to base decisions and opinions on the basis of verifiable facts and not on assumptions.

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