Thursday, September 12, 2019

Universalism and Particularism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Universalism and Particularism - Essay Example Universalism tends to focus more on the community rather than individuals and thus neutral as it is evident in McCain’s argument on security of the U.S. In a universalistic state, one cannot just go astray or out of normal order just because no one is watching them since one is compelled by law to act in order always. Universalist individuals honor their words no matter the circumstances, and know a deal or a contract cannot be violated. As it is evident in the article, cold war historian, John Lewis Gaddis, presents how in a universalistic nation, every individual is treated equally and fairly. Clearly, this promotes peaceful co-existence among the people and promotes a sense of belonging and security. In the article, particularism is quite evident. The main emphasis is on individuals and their interests. Individuals can modify a situation due to circumstances to suit their friends or relatives. Scoblete’s article shows how a particularistic believes that relationships are developed and created by events. If one is able to change his or her view, point of argument, agreement and so forth, just for the sake of those he or she has an interest in or those who have interest in him, then that is a real particularistic.

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