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Communication in business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Communication in business - Essay ExampleFor sustainability purposes, Cemex Company has capitalized on sustainable development where the company emphasizes the conniption of making profit. The company has also well social structured management policy that supports the efforts needed in promoting positive environmental strategies ripe to the community2. The company has a structure which promotes the right of employees within the companys environment, their customers and environment. These efforts are aimed at promoting stiff corporate social responsibility in the community3. 1. Lessons Learnt Cemex employs the use of Cx net incomes to attain their business objectives in global and providing their services to the community finished CSR4. The company undertook this aspect by selling some of their assets and buying some important raw materials from the community. The use of the CxNetwork is beneficial to the company since it easy to do business with it and also assists in availing the online procurement web site. In this way, the company uses sustainability strategies to respect the CSR, which has proved to be more effective to the community5. The other lesson learnt from the past undertaking of the company is their partnership with Sinoma Energy Conservation from China in 20th March, 2012. The company manufactures it products from the waste from China. This in turn saves environmental resources and at the same time, recycles resources in order to make profit. This strategy improves the element of sustainability in making valid decisions, hence increasing the revenue and minimizing costs of the company. For the escort as a company, we strongly believe there is need to create environmental friendly approaches that will sustain the environment and promote the community through CSR principles. 2. Recommendations i). Develop comprehensive action plan that will provide a framework for promoting the principle of sustainability to address the problem of derelictio n of the environment6. Benefits and Implications a. The community will pull in through the element of corporate social responsibility since the community will participate in the process of formulation of the principles. The community will benefit in environment where the element of sustainability is guaranteed. b. The Local Network will gain from the principles thus minimizing the effects of environment dereliction caused by quarrying. This will also ensure that the Networks activities are paralyzed by the community because the community now is the beneficiaries. ii). Employ both the use of local and external resources and manpower from the community through partnership including Local Network officials, developmental organizations, local community-based organizations, and government agencies7. Benefits and Implications a. The community through the CSR will enable the community members to access a vast expertise on ways of sustaining the environment thus making the objectives of t he community realizable, b. The Network officials will be able to meet their financial obligations in the long-term thus offering members with the prospective of timely carrying out their chief business operations. iii). Incorporate the community

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