Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Reality of Work cultures in the Modern Economy Essay

The Reality of Work cultures in the Modern Economy - Essay ExampleSennetts ground is based on the assertion that the flexibilities and the uncertainties of the correct working animation are eroding the integrity of the sense of the sustained purpose in the employees life in the manner that have existed before in the society (Bradley, 2009). Indeed, the new era of the economy and work inclusive of the globalisation of the work, breaking apart of the bureaucracy and flexibility changes the work values in the most profound manner. As the networks are constantly redefining their characters and structures, the same thing is bound to happen to the employees that work in the episodic work relations and the short-term contracts (Giddens et al., 2000). In Schumpeterian terms, the entrepreneur is served as an ideal Everyman alongside the portfolio worker (Winter, 1984). Sennett asserts that the corroding of the character is the inevitable consequences of the uncertainties that are state in the everyday practices of the vigorous capitalism of the 1990s.The character of the workers is mainly threatened by the new type of the labour in the modern economy-flexible work (Jessop et al., 1987). Thus, this conforms to Sennetts assertion that flexibility in the workplace is the main characteristic of the modern working environment. Conversely, its true that flexibility brings advantages to the corporations and the enterprises.

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