Monday, June 10, 2019

What are the essential differences between Prometheus(as he is Essay

What are the essential differences between Prometheus(as he is portrayed by Hesiod) and Loki as he appears in Scandinavian myth - prove ExampleOn the otherwise hand, Loki was malevolent since his intentions were purely to cause suffering to others (Schnurbein, 112).Prometheus was a god of fire, who stole fire and gave it to mankind, an aspect that then brought civilization that was against the volition of his family gods, because the god Zeus wanted to obliterate the human race but his plans were destroyed by Prometheus. Therefore, Prometheus was subjected to eternal punishment where the eagle would feed on his liver daily, not only for stealing fire, but also for destroying Zeuss plan (Peretti, 194). Loki however applied his intellect in a totally different way. His blind drunk intellect even enabled him to sneak his way up to becoming a god when he was not even deserving, and through his malice, he became responsible, though indirectly, for the death of deaths of other gods ( Schnurbein, 117). There is little evidence to suggest even that Loki ever stole fire, but there is much evidence to the effect that his malicious ways brought a stir amongst the gods, and he was finally sentenced to punishment which he really deserved.The other essential difference between Prometheus and Loki is in relation to boilers suit effects of their actions. Prometheus overall consequences were beneficial, but Lokis overall consequences were destructive (Lamberton, 41). This is because Loki was a selfish and egocentric god, who did not stop at anything to ensure that he succeed in his mischievous ways. Loki sided with his family against the other gods, and he set himself on a path of causing destruction to the other gods, even though little evidence exists to suggest that he deserved to be a god. He pursued his mischievous plans to the end, and saw the destruction that he intended to happen accomplished. Thus, even after being sentenced to imprisonment, his hurt did not end there. He was supported by his wife

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