Saturday, June 1, 2019

Sexuality Education in America Essay -- Education Sex Ed

Sexuality Education in AmericaWhat do the American people as a whole want their offspring to be taught about sex? That is the ongoing question that not only state and federal governments are asking, only when also local school districts, churches, and parents of all told aged children. In the early twentieth century, disputes focused on whether or not to teach sexuality pedagogy at all while before long it has shifted to which method is more successful in the school curriculum. Sexuality study does not just solely include the education of the sexual act itself and the diseases associated with it, but also the way us as humans feel we are as people how we dress, talk, move, and the way we feel towards others (Families). Sex education and sexuality education are two separate things. Sex education is a learning opportunity that helps individuals understand and prepare for intimacy in their adult lives (Baer). Whereas, sexuality education is the field of study that examines t he relationship skills and knowledge, attitudes and behaviors, and the values that promote healthy relationships with maven another (Baer). Of course, conservative Americans like to believe that all youngs are choosing the path of abstinence. self-restraint is the choice not to be sexual with anyone in any way. However, a recent study showed that is not the case at all with seventy-five percentage of the United States teens from the ages of fifteen to nineteen are sexually active with their peers (Baer). That is a number that is continuing to grow in return it is resulting in unwanted teen pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Sex education is taught in most tenth graders health class curriculum. There are two main(prenominal) methods used for sex educ... ... that can be examined or reviewed (Wiley). A national review helped outlined a range of effective ideas that could be helpful to teachers in the classroom, they should (Collins)Adapt dialogue to th e proper age and experience of the audience.Focus on dangerous sexual behavior.Provide a strong academic foundation. Provide base facts about the high risks of diseases. Acknowledge the social pressures by their peers and the media to have sex.Provide practice in healthy communication, and refusal skills.A program is deemed successful if it brings about one or more of the following results delaying initiation of sexual intercourse, decreasing the frequency of unprotected intercourse, and increasing condom use (Sanderson). It is up to the American public at last to decide what is the best way to educate the nations teens on sex.

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