Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Is the information society a coherent concept Essay

Is the information society a coherent concept - Essay ExampleVirtually, there be no segments of human life which are unaffected by information. In political, social, and economic circles, information is vital. The growth of computer and meshing related technologies increased the immensity of information on human life. These technologies help human life in many ways at present. The term information society has gained popularity only in recent times, after the developments of computer and internet related technologies.An information society is one that makes the best possible use of ICTs. It is a society in which the eccentric of life, as well as prospects for social change and economic development, depend increasingly upon information and its exploitation. In such a society, living standards, patterns of work and leisure, the precept system, and marketplace are all submitd by advances in information and knowledge (Ogbomo & Ogbomo, 2008, p.1).Life without computers or internet is unimaginable at present. Any problems occur to computers or internet may cause huge damages to human life. It should not be forgotten that humankind was under tremendous pressure when Y2K problem ablaze(p) early in the beginning of the twenty-first century. Everyone has his or her more or less well formed opinion about the information society, the Internet and its influence on our everyday lives even if they have never used a computer or surfed the Internet(Pinter, 2008, p.12). Even a layman understands the importance of computers, internet and information at present. Under such circumstances, the concept of information society should be considered as a coherent one.An information society tin can be built if the people and the government have the will to do so. A development oriented information society is a society in which everyone can create, access, utilize and share information and knowledge, enabling individuals, communities and peoples to achieve their full potential in pro moting their sustainable

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