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Telecommuting, aka Tele-working Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Telecommuting, aka Tele-working - Research Paper ExampleTelecommuting has significantly altered the traditional offices through with(predicate) the introduction of phones, computers and other telecommunications tools at off-site locations. Golden (2001) say that the formation of teleworking has been explored through several terms such as telework, distance work, remote work, flexi work and home based work among others. However, there argon no clear definitions that exist regarding the term telecommuting. Several authors have provided varying definitions regarding telecommuting. For instance Olson (1987) denoted telecommuting as an organizational work which is executed outside of the lodge premises. It is augmented by information technology (IT). Telecommuters are employees who habitually spend about two to four days in a week, performing their tasks at home. Korte & Wynne (1996) recommended that there are three dimensions of telecommuting namely location, implementation of IT and communication network. In the US, telecommuting is referred as teleworking while in Europe telecommuting is denoted as distance working and off-site working. Hamilton (2002) stated telecommuting as a schedule where employees conduct their work at home for a real percentage of core working time. The place of work can be at home, at a remote office location or virtually other places which are outside of main office premise. Considering this aspect, it can be stated that telecommuting is an alternative method of work system where employees spend a consistent amount of time at a location other than office, essentially working from home through using computer and telecommunication system. fit to Cross (2013), telecommuting means performing work at a location away from workplace and then sending the outcome of the performed work through the electronic medium. The following figure depicts the telecommuting work system Fig 1 Telecommuting Work System Fig 1 Cross (2013) From the in a hi gher place figure, it can be stated that telecommuting usually supplements different office based functions. Green, Lopez, Wysocki & Kepner (2003) defined popular terms which cover telecommuting as a remote work, location independent tasks and home distributed data processing among others. Telecommuting is basically preformed on a terminal which is connected by modem and telephone transmission line to mainframe computer of office. Telecommuting is also performed through personal computer systems where the competed tasks are transmitted over telecommunication media to the organizations computer facilities (Green, Lopez, Wysocki & Kepner, 2003). Telecommuting work render have a range of procedures depending on the requirements of employees and organizations. For instance, dampen time telework permits employees to avoid regular travels to the main office, which may or may not be conveniently reachable. Part time telework comprises work of editors or designers who frequently perform as outworkers. On the other hand, full time telework allows employees to perform as a part of virtual teams who assemble through electronic media from different locations in order to conduct organizational tasks. An example of full time telework comprises medical transcriptionists who perform their tasks at home for an established organization (Green, Lopez, Wysocki & Kepner, 2003). Current telecommuting technologies Successful telecommuting necessitates a number of technologies which permit employees to efficiently communicate with coworkers, supervisors and clienteles. A few of the

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